The Dying Console

wiiEver wondered what game consoles really do to you? Aside from the typical adrenaline rush first person shoot em’ up games that get you so hyped up that you would totally somehow forget about the reality of the present physical state you are in? Or because of the totally realistic graphics that blood and gore become just a norm to hardcore “video gamers”? But did you know that there is a game console that might actually introduce rudimentary physical movements that help people exercise and enjoy while doing it? Well yes, everyone knows about this game console. You would be totally out of date if you didn’t know about the now “unexploited” Nintendo wii and its accessories. Unexploited I mean by, not that many people buy the console anymore. You see there was a part of the space and time continuum of the so called video game console battle where developers wanted to change the habit of humans being stuck on the couch all day just playing videogames! They wanted to change how video games were played. They explored more on motion sensors that would actually mimic human movements and input it in to the game.

At first this console was one of the fastest consoles ever produced. And was pretty much fun to play with. Where you could see old people, as old as your grandma, I might say, playing star wars, or the wii sports championship disc! It was one of those games that actually got me moving again and saying I’m not playing anything else again! Made me think about how now children are just spoiled with their weird little toys such as ipads and iphones, psp’s Nintendo ds or Playstations! Remember the time when guitar hero came out! Where all the instruments in the band you could use! From the guitar! To the microphone! To the bass and to the drums! That game console was actually on its way to a good start! But I think marketing or marketing strategy was terrible. It had so much to offer but no one really heard about it or even just cared about it. I, to be honest own one; the first few months were great! I was laughing at how my parents reacted to such technology. And to how I enjoyed playing tennis or ping-pong or golf with the extended accessories they had. Or on the fuzz on “where to buy?” new “light sabers for the new Star Wars game? But it all faded! The hype no longer existed. It no longer craved for human attention. But if it did continue its legacy on being the first motion censored console it probably would’ve gave it a lot more time to transform into something better! But as they say, “a hype will always be killed by another hype”.

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