Gamers Choice: Top Five Wii Games to Keep Yourself Busy during the Holiday Season

The Nintendo is a revolutionary console that intermarries interactive console with active bodies. For the “console peasants” out there, here are top five gamer’s choice of the best Wii games to keep yourself busy during the holiday season

Number 5: Punch-Out

Wii with its interactive console system is never maximized without the need to jab, hook and punch your way to glory in this boxing simulator game. Enjoy hours of shadow boxing without actually paying attention to the shadow of your imaginary opponent. No higher form of imagination is needed and nobody needs to get punched in this action packed game.

Number 4: Red Steel 2

Nothing like slicing and dicing your opponent to pieces without the actual mess. Red Steel 2 gives the feel of the sword in your handheld console. Enjoy the physical strains of sword fighting without cutting yourself or anyone near you at the living room. Just pure virtual reality sword fight to the last draw of the blade.

Number 3: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

This game proves the Wii is not only for players seeking an interactive console but for serious gamers as well. Muramasa: The demon blade offers the same physical demands of games like Red Steel and Punch Out but it does so in stunning 3D graphics and high class animation. A delight not only for the body but for your eyes as well.

Number 2: New Super Mario Bros Wii

super_wiiGetting your limbs tired playing warrior in the living room? How about some childhood nostalgia with a twist. New Super Mario Bros Wii will have you play your beloved childhood Mario game in four player cooperative format. Not just two players, but up to four could play this classic game.  Experience the joy of Christmas childhood courtesy of the nostalgic friendly neighborhood plumber, Super Mario.

Number 1: XenoBlade Chronicles

Feel like you missed something? Like perhaps, the chicken in the oven or the pot of stew simmering in the stove (or burning for that matter). Yes, we know that could be a definite possibility with this game on. Xenoblade Chronicles is a breath of RPG, combined with interactive gameplay, combined with great graphics, combined with great sound track, combined with great story line, combined with… ah you get the point right? Be teleported to another dimension once you take on this beautiful late comer to the Wii console format. Experience 100 hours of superb game experience with XenoBlade Chronicles. Nothing like another version of wonderland this Christmas?

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