Nintendo Wii: An Overview

nintendo-wii-2Wii, pronounced as ‘wee’, is the seventh video game console created by Nintendo that had its debut in November 19, 2006. The millennium era is considered a competition of game consoles and this is what captured the attention of hardcore gamers by storm. Because of this, Nintendo Wii competed with Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox. All three game consoles have their own share of video game enthusiasts and this is what brought the industry into a healthy competition.
Generally, what makes Wii different from the PS3 and Xbox is that it is created with a handheld device that has the ability to detect movements when used in gaming. This is made possible because of its three-dimension format. Another cutting-edge feature to note is the WiiConnect24, which is a platform that allows gamers to receive updates and messages via internet protocol while being on a standby mode. Just like other game consoles, the seventh generation Wii utilizes the so-called ‘Virtual Console’, which is at present’s rival games as featured in past systems.
Nintendo Wii gained its popularity when it evolved from its predecessor, the GameCube. From a game console to miniature gadget, Nintendo continued its pursuit of satisfying video gamers and therefore manufactured the portable Nintendo DS. Although, no remote control is equipped in this gaming gadget, a touchscreen interface with the use of a stylus stick is created. The touchscreen technology embedded in the Nintendo DS made the gaming public amused and well-entertained.
Due to the winning portability feature of the Nintendo DS, Wii also carried its own share of convenience to every player. Nintendo Wii is incredibly compact in structure where its size is compared to a three Wii cases piled on top of the other. When in a vertical position, the console can sit upright because of a built-in stand. The sensory system is made possible by the emission IR signals as detected by the Wii Remote accessory.
Nintendo Wii gaming produces a simple interface of inserting a disc into the console and navigation on the screen takes place by maneuvering the remote control. One advantage about Wii is that its system software can be updated so that new technology can be enjoyed by the player. Accessories have been manufactured by the company as well to provide serious players with the best gaming experience. When it comes to price and value, Nintendo Wii is considered cheaper and quite under-spec as compared to its competitors in the market.

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